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Join the Collins family and friends on their journey across worlds and galaxies, confronting ancient foes as they unravel the mysteries of the universe. Discovering the key to faster-than-light travel, they encounter other civilisations inhabiting the cosmos and the dark secrets they hide. But be warned; all's not as it seems, for truth so often is in the eye of the beholder and the distinction between hero and villain can be as nebulous as smoke.

Like the author, many of the characters are always barefoot, with the textures and sensations underfoot adding an extra dimension to the story's ambience.


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Barefoot TimesCall of the Delphinidae

Plus this bonus novella about Cam's and David's holiday near the end of Plight of the Tivinel

All the novels are now available free of charge as PDF ebooks (follow the link at the top of each book page).

Praise for the series

At last, a new Barefoot Times book by Jeff Pages!!! In Rise of the Gomeral, the final in the six book saga, you will find many loose ends tied up as Jeff brings this fabulously wonderful romp through the barefoot universe you have come to know and love so well to a close. Don’t worry though: for this volume is just as heavily packed with all the raw emotion, adventure and barefootedness you have come to expect from Jeff. This volume is just as much a page turner as all the five books that went before. No spoilers here; just the fine story telling you expect from an author such as Jeff pages. Sorry if I seem vague as to plot specifics: but, you will doubtless appreciate the necessity as it would be more fitting that you read and find out for yourself. A finer work there never was: for in it, that which is long been unresolved is finally resolved and that which is left undone finally done. The twists and turns here are just as numerous as ever before. I know you will enjoy it! - Ray Foret Jr

Cry of the Bunyips is a well-written science fiction novel, tangling well-written characters in realistic and believable settings with the solid and well-thought-out science. Jeff Pages has, once again, created a masterpiece which can be read again and again without losing its beauty and clarity. - Jashank Jeremy

Cry of the Bunyips is an exciting journey of discovery. In the context of a hotbed of political intrigue and power play, the story of the humble bunyip reflects the interesting dynamics of cultural understanding and acceptance. This tale challenges the reader's perceptions and provides enlightenment through an uplifting and surprising conclusion. A hearty read.” - Jude Constable

Just finished reading Cry of the Bunyips, the latest novel in the Barefoot Times series by our fellow barefooter Jeff Pages. Once again he has shown himself a master of twists and turns in vivid outer worlds with colorful, unpredictable characters. For those who enjoy a good yarn involving barefoot characters, I highly recommend it. Start with the first book though, lest you get lost in Sheol :) - Marco Peel

This is my favourite Science Fiction series. The characters are well thought out and exceptionally compelling. As an author myself, I know how hard developing a compelling story can be, but Jeff has truly mastered it in every way. With each book, you get a better understanding of the characters as individuals. Even the fictional elements of the story feel like they should be real. Jeff's last book, The Mind of the Dolphins, was so engaging I was eager for more, even as I was finishing the last page. To hear that another book is in the works is a thrill in itself. I can't wait to read his latest work! - Tim Mills

I loved your book, and I thank you for signing it, congratulations on your trilogy, don't stop writing, the books are so good. I still lose myself in your stories, and become part of them. - Barbara Cameron

This third book was even better than the first two. I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It had all the necessary adventure elements, plus the star-dimmer is a cool sci-fi concept and weapon. - Alex Gladstone


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