The Mind of the Dolphins



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25th February 2020
Zeus Publications are sadly closing down so this book will no longer be available in print form. Instead it can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF ebook by following the link on the book's home page.

21st July 2010
The Mind of the Dolphins is now available as an E-book from Zeus Publications. Go to and follow the E-books shopping cart link on the right.

25th September 2009
I've added a Tour page to the Barefoot Times site, with photos of some of the coastal Queensland locations used in the story.

24th May 2008
The book was officially launched at the Made Brus Mexican restaurant in Woy Woy. Many thanks to my friends and the restaurant staff who made it such a memorable night.

18th May 2008
As promised, my full commentary is now on-line. If you've finished the book and would like to know a bit more of my thinking behind it, go to the Commentary page and follow the link at the bottom.

10th May 2008
The book is now available from the Zeus Publications online bookshop.

7th May 2008
The book is back from the printers and will be available shortly.

3rd April 2008
The book is now in the print queue and is expected to be available in about six weeks.

31st March 2008
The long-awaited cover illustration has finally been completed, and can be seen on the home page of this site.

28th February 2008
The publisher's graphics designer said today, "
I am starting your cover now and you should have something soon."

 15th February 2008
The publishers have advised that work on the cover should get underway in the next couple of weeks and that, all going well, the book may be in print as early as mid April.

29th December 2007
I've added Frank Halliday's paper on the Dark Years of the Delphinidae, as referenced in the first chapter of The Mind of the Dolphins (see Preview page).

28th December 2007
I've added a page called "The Cast" to this site, providing a refresher for those who have read Barefoot Times and Call of the Delphinidae.

6th December 2007
I've now been advised that work on the cover design will start after the Christmas - New Year break.

5th November 2007
I've signed off on the book's text, and the publisher has advised that work will start on the cover design in a couple of weeks. It's now expected to go to the printers in early 2008.

16th October 2007
I've received the proofs of the book's text for checking and approval.

27th September 2007
I've been advised by the publisher that the editing and typesetting of the book are now underway.

3rd April 2007
I received the contract from Zeus Publications today for the publication of this book. I'm hoping it'll be in print by the end of the year.

27th February 2007
The manuscript of The Mind of the Dolphins is finished and an initial submission made to Zeus Publications.

23rd November 2005
I've written the first page of my new book which will be the third volume in the Barefoot Times series.