Barefoot Times

Author's Commentary


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Some DVD movies come with a Director's Commentary expounding on the thoughts, ideas and tribulations behind the story. Thus inspired, I thought it might be fun to try an Author's Commentary on Barefoot Times, and this is the result.

Before starting I should just say that my original motivation for writing Barefoot Times was to tell a story about friendship, family and space travel in which not only were all the main characters barefoot, but where their barefootedness was an essential part of the tale. I never dreamt it would grow into a 500-page novel, let alone be published as a commercial book, and I thank Zeus Publications for taking it on board.

In the commentary that follows I'll take you with me on a journey of imagination that began when I looked up at Diane Sharp's drawing of an Aboriginal boy and wondered, what if...


WARNING - The following material contains spoilers. If you've not yet read the book proceed at your own peril!

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