Cry of the Bunyips

The Bunyip Tour


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On the 4th of January 2011 I visited the Bunyip State Park and the town of Bunyip in south-eastern Victoria. The park features prominently in Part Two of the book as the place where David disappears while bushwalking.


The park entrance just east of Gembrook.


The pond where David disappeared, complete with a mysterious rippling on the water surface.


The ranger station from where the search for David was coordinated.


Are these bunyip tracks?


Your intrepid author offering himself as bunyip bait.



While the town of Bunyip doesn't come into the story, some of the signage makes me wonder if perhaps it should have...


The post office has a resident bunyip, housed in this building.


Why the bunyips moved out of the swamps.


And where they get the money to buy their quaint bunyip cottages.